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NEW PRIZES – Q&A Giveaway

Here are the giveaway winners:   ————————————————————— Now that the holidays are over, I feel like I have a little more breathing room. Does anyone else feel that way? I promised to do a giveaway awhile back, exchanging fan questions for a chance to win various prizes. To submit your questions, comment on this post […]


Undertow fan art by Tara Spruit

What gorgeous renderings! Could Nicholas be any more yummy? And I want to be Tessa. That hair! Meg looks so innocent, but we know better, don’t we? So fun to see these. Thank you, Tara.


Rebel Tide update

It’s March 24, which is officially in spring. Meaning, it’s no longer winter and Rebel Tide is obviously not out yet. I apologize. I truly, truly thought it would be done weeks ago. I was always imagining a January release date. On a side note, I’m thrilled there are so many people anxious enough to […]


10 Books That Have Impacted My Life

My friend Shannon tagged me in a Facebook game to list ten books that have had an impact on my life or stayed with me in some way. They aren’t necessarily the top ten, just ten off the top of my head. I thought I’d list them here so everyone can see. I promise to […]