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The sway of playful palm trees and never-ending sunshine seem like a fantasy compared to the smog and filth of 18th century London. Thrilled for a new life in the exotic West Indies, privileged seventeen-year-old Tessa Monroe eagerly embraces her father’s reassignment to the fledgling Caribbean colony of St. Kitts where she can stake her claim as an up-and-coming socialite.

But that dream unravels when a hurricane downs their ship on the passage from England, leaving Tessa as the sole survivor. Rescued by a passing ship, Tessa’s grief soon turns to terror as she realizes she isn’t a passenger—she’s a captive.

With a future of slavery in the offing, Tessa joins forces with Nicholas Holladay, a charismatic sailor ready to break free from a life of piracy. Mutiny is in the air. Tessa and Nicholas will either win their freedom or earn a spot at the gallows.


Undertow Cover_web

The life she always thought she would have…or a new life she is just starting to imagine? Two paths lay before Tessa Monroe as she arrives in colonial St. Kitts with her dashing rescuer, the former pirate Nicholas Holladay. Everything should be perfect, but her worlds are colliding.

In the spellbinding sequel to Oceanswept, Tessa finds a tempting new future with a handsome baron unfolding before her on sunny St. Kitts while Nicholas discovers that the past he was so eager to leave behind isn’t quite through with him yet.





Coming soon

RebelTide TitleRebel Tide, the final installment of the Oceanswept Trilogy, will be available in trade paperback and eBook in 2015. To get a sneak peak of the book, sign up for the New Release emails (on the right) and get the first three chapters free.


Acclaim for Lara hays


 “…An incredibly written, adventurous story with the perfect amount of romance. I could not put it down. The characters came to life, thanks to the tremendous storytelling talent of the author. Thank you, Lara Hays, for writing Oceanswept, the beginning of a fantastic trilogy that will definitely become one of my favorites.”

        – Cheryl Schopen for Readers’ Favorite, 5 stars


 “I was so captivated by this book that I sat down and read it all in one sitting….Oceanswept is a story for the adventure seeker and romance lover alike.”

– Samantha Rivera for Readers’ Favorite, 5 stars

“Lara needs to keep writing, and write fast! I need to know what happens next for Nicholas and Tessa. They have a romance that will leave you breathless, and leave you wanting more, but is still appropriate for everyone. . . I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and highly recommend this book, and the sequel Undertow to anyone looking for a fun, fast, adventurous read that will put you on the lookout for dashing pirates.” – Melanie Lindsay of Lit Addiction

“As the protagonists embark on the high seas, I was carried along upon the churning tumultuous waves, unable to put the book down! I was swept right along to a heart stopping finale and true heartbreak… Hays paints beautiful imagery with her words, drawing you into a heart stopping adventure with ease and accuracy. This is a ship I want to set sail on, and I wait with bated breath to discover more in the Oceanswept Chronicles.” – Lisa Shambrook, author of Beneath the Rainbow

“I  happened upon Oceanswept while looking for books to read on my Kindle. WOW what a great find! It caught my attention from the beginning and I couldn’t put it down. I went on to purchase Undertow as soon as I finished Oceanswept and read it in one sitting. Read Oceanswept. You won’t be disappointed!” – KF, reader

“I just finished reading Undertow this morning. It broke my heart, and it will break yours too. Undertow is a well-crafted and well-written and well-researched book. You’ll get lost in the world, sucked into the lives of all the characters. You’ll be frustrated and torn and frightened and desperate and heart-broken. And when you get to the end of Undertow, you’ll be dying for the final book in the trilogy. I so desperately want this to series to be made into a movie (or three).” – Rachel, reader